Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop 

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SNL Organics

SNL Organics is the Umbrella Company of a Natural Hair Care Growth enhancement line call His Mane Glory. They promote healthy hair growth and educate women and men with the knowledge and tools to successfully grow and regrow hair. 
They also offer a wide variety of natural skin care products and hair accessories. Check out their website at 

Birth Blossoms

Mary Rainer and Hailey Sides are the owners of Birth Blossoms, a mother-daughter team of licensed midwives who serves the Treasure Coast of Florida. They promote the choice of safe natural evidence based childbirth and parenting methods which include homebirth, doula assisted hospital birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting and environmentally friendly natural lifestyles. Check them out at

Mama Milkah

Ebony Milkah Jackson is the owner of Mama Milkah, based out of Jacksonville, FL. Mama Milkah's products are designed to nourish and preserve the mother's birthing experience. Her products include Prenatal Vitali tea, Lactation Vitali tea, Cramp Ease tinctures, Postpartum Bath tea and much more. Check her out via email at

Lauren J. Turner Fine Art

Lauren J. Turner is the owner of Lauren J. Turner Fine Art, based out of Baltimore, MD. This trailblazer is a certified birth doula who uses her energetic love for birth to create works of art around the birth process. Her passion is in her artistry and her soul is within her grasp. Thank you for your support. Check out this powerhouse at

Traditional Doula & Midwifery Arts

SPONSORSHIP APPRECIATION!!!! A SUPER BIG Thank you to Traditional Doula & Midwifery Arts (TDMA). TDMA's mission is to provide an exceptional education and support to aspiring doulas and birthworkers as well as previously certified Doulas. They are dedicated to ensuring that everyone who wants and needs doula services during prenatal, birth and postpartum will have access to them whether choosing to birth at home, hospital or a birthing center and regardless of ones socioeconomical background. Thank you for your support. Check them out at

Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop provides training for black women in becoming a birth assistant. Our vision is to end the high maternal and infant mortality and morbidity rates within our communities by training more black birth workers to serve where their presence is valued and necessary. We welcome the support of those looking to aid in our vision to participate as a sponsor to assist in making these workshops more accessible for those looking to have access to them. 

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