Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a midwife?

A midwife is a trained healthcare professional who supports women in maintaining healthy pregnancies. This is done through education, counseling, and providing assistance during labor, delivery, and after the birth of their babies. A midwife can provide individualized care in the comfort of your home that is customized to your needs. 

What services are provided in my care?

Your midwifery care and home birth services includes the following:

*Comprehensive prenatal visits 

*Childbirth education class

*Labor and delivery care

*Newborn examination at birth

*Immediate postpartum care

*Postpartum visits

Not included:

*Lab Testing


*Physician consult(s)


*Non-Medical Supplies (Birth kit & birth pool)

*Hospital Transfer or Hospital fees

How long is a prenatal appointment?

A prenatal appointment is between 45 minutes to a hour and each appointment is done in the comfort of your home. You deserve to feel connected and heard during each appointment. You are worth it.

Do you accept late transfers into care?
Yes, I accept late transfers into care on a case by case basis and no later than 28 weeks.

Do you accept health insurance?

I am an out-of-network provider that is not contracted with any insurance company. I do participate with a billing service that can help you with the verification of your insurance benefits. Your insurance reimbursement will vary depending on your plan. Some insurance plans will cover midwifery services with a Licensed Midwife that is out-of-network. I do have payment plans available. You have the opportunity to select which payment option is right for you upon entering into care. 

What is the cost for my midwifery care services?

My global fee is $7,000 USD. The midwifery services that I provide is personalized and uniquely created for you & your family's needs. I value quality over quantity in which I only accept into care a maximum of 2 expectant mothers per month. Real Connection is invaluable. It is my intention to only give the best care; one family at a time.

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