Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop:

Plus CPR & NRP Certification

Are you a black woman looking for training to become a birth assistant? 


Black Sisters Birth Assistant Workshop: Plus CPR & NRP Certification is a high-quality, culturally infused, 3-Day intensive workshop that provides training for black women to become birth assistants in an environment that is warm, fun, & exciting. 

In this workshop you will receive:


  • CPR Certification

  • NRP Certification

  • Certificate of Completion (Birth Assistant Training)

  • A Workshop Package (Complete with reading materials and video links)

  • Access to Our Online Support Group

  • A Workshop Tote Bag

  • On-site Housing: 2 night stay (Resorted Community - You'll have unlimited access a 10,000 square foot clubhouse with a tiki bar, fitness center, sundry shop, sparkling resort - style pool which also features a waterslide & a lazy river), Food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), & Supplies.

Course Overview:​

  • What is a birth assistant and the Role of a birth assistant

  • Stages of Labor

  • Overview of OSHA and Universal Precautions

  • Identifying birth related medical supplies, equipment and use

  • Introduction to HIPAA and medical terminology

  • Performing and recording maternal and newborn vital signs

  • Birth room set up

  • How to handle obstetrical emergencies

  • In-Person Drills & Skills Assessment

  • Assessment of the placenta

  • Administrations of injectable medication and more...


Saturday, August 22nd - Monday, August 24th, 2020

Participants have traveled from crossed the country to be with us. States such as Texas, Ohio, & Pennsylvania

More than ever, we need black workers supporting and assisting our mothers and babies in a time where they are dying in childbirth from complications that are PREVENTABLE.

Come and be apart of the change that we need to see in this world! Join us today.

For additional information or assistance with registration email me at​

Ebony Milkah Jackson, Jacksonville, FL

"This workshop was so worth it. It was intensive, yet easy to understand. Full of love, light, wisdom, transparency, culture and the BEST food EVER. I am so thankful for this opportunity to not only learn from Christina and Kimberley, but the connections of sisterhood made as well. Christina, thank you for seeing the need and filling it. You are an Ah-mazing instructor. I love you to lyfe".

Jeniffer Revell

Gainesville, FL

"I learned way more than I thought I would. This was awesome and life changing! A real holistic form of education. My mind, emotions and my tummy was so fulfilled". 


Do you know that fundraising is a very effective way of letting others aid your cause &/ goals? There are people in this world that are waiting to support Your DREAMS.

Participants from our workshop that did fundraisers were able to reach their fundraising goals within DAYS.


If you start a fundraiser today and 25 people gifted you with $62.00 USD per person you will have the $1,550.00 USD (online fundraising &/ request funds directly) needed to pay for your workshop.


If you pay $775.00 USD and 25 people gifted you with $31.00 USD per person through fundraising you will have the additional $775.00 USD to pay for your workshop.

Where there's A WILL there's A WAY. Start your fundraiser today.


The Cost of this workshop is $1,550.00 USD. There are 3 Payment Options:

  1. OPTION ONE - One Installment Payment: $1,550.00 USD

  2. OPTION TWO - Two Installment  Payments:  $775.00 USD x 2

  3. OPTION THREE - Three Installment Payments: $516.67 USD x 3


All Payments are final. No refunds.


*If you are already certified in CPR &/ NRP you have the option to select & pay for the cost of the workshop only.

*If you need assistance with completing the prerequisites please email me at


  • Must be a black woman seeking training to become a birth assistant

  • Must be CPR Certified OR Must complete the Online CPR Course (Heartsaver CPR AED Online: eLearning portion - Heartsaver CPR AED Blended Learning Course). This course must be completed prior to attending the hands-on skills session with us.

  • Must be NRP Certified OR Must complete the NRP Provider Course online (Required: Lesson 1,2,3,4 & 9) prior to the in-person skills session with us. 

  • Each participant must be certified in Blood-Borne Pathogens and Medical Record Documentation prior to attending this workshop. 

  • Must have attended at least 3 out-of-hospital births prior to attending this workshop.

      *An online link is provided for each course

        &/certification on the registration form. 

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